Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Black Coffee and Black Lungs... Perfect Together

I've never been a smoker (the occasional cigar excluded) so I've never really understood the appeal of the cigarette.

I don't like the smell, I don't like the way it gets in my clothes, hair, skin and eyes after a night out at a club... I just don't like them. And that's not even getting into the health risks they pose, but hey, we're all big boys and girls.

But more than one smoker/former smoker has practically gotten misty-eyed when telling me about the joys of that first cigarette of the morning accompanied by a cup of coffee. Believe me, I understand... I was the same way recently with my morning java and the Mint Cookie Crumbles from Trader Joe's.

Luckily, somebody has said "damn the critics, let's just sell these two things together in one convenient package"! No points will be awarded for guessing that the Japanese are the ones behind this slice of brilliant cross-promotion.

Thanks to BoingBoing and Urban Dirt.


John said...

Ick! This from the same marketing minds that brought us mayonnaise milkshakes, and people beating each other up to win prizes on a game show (too funny). I guess it makes sense for those folks who smoke and do coffee. I do neither - never smoked (ick), very rarely drink any coffee other than the occasional cappuccino.

No disrespect intended, but is that Heath Ledger on the package?

Dan said...

A mayonnaise milkshake? I'm intrigued and repulsed at the same time. And this from a guy who loves mayo!

As for the Ledger comment, is it too soon? Nah...