Saturday, October 08, 2011

Guess What Parents? Now You Need to Add Creative Notes to Lunches. Good Luck with That.

It didn't take long for retailers like Pottery Barn
to get in on the Lunch Box Note Craze!
When I was a kid nothing made me happier than the day my Mom broke down and bought lunch bags adorned with the faces of my favorite Phillies. The white, crinkly bags featured charcoal sketches of Tug McGraw, Bob Boone, and, of course, the great Larry Bowa.

This was far better than the usual brown paper bag, and in a house where frugality ruled this gesture spoke volumes about Mom's love.

In other words, I never needed a note that read "I love you!" or "You are so creative!".

But now, in addition to the pressure to pick the right school, sign up for the right sports, throw good parties, arrange fun play dates and pack a worthwhile lunch, parents are now in the business of writing creative lunch box notes.


Synd-e said...

That pre-printed note about "I can't believe how creative you are" just blew out my irony circuit.

And in the article, notes in a lunch are supposed to help encourage reading? Dude, unless you're giving them a short story in that sack, I don't think a sentence is really going to develop those skills.

grubarazzi said...

The pressure! the pressure! Actually, little handwritten notes are something I loved getting as a kid... I would promptly throw them away before my friends ever saw them. LOL. Parents these days.