Saturday, October 08, 2011

Win a Copy of the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook from Bon Appetit

Admittedly, I lasted about 15 minutes into the premiere episode of The Beekman Boys before I switched the dial to something else.

But what do I know? The show – based around two NY city dwellers who ditched the hustle and bustle in favor of a 60-acre goat farm in upstate New York – has spawned a fast-growing lifestyle brand, best-selling book and an award-nominated website.

Naturally, the duo has put together a cookbook and I'm more than willing to choke down my aversion to their show for a chance to win a copy of The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook. The photos look great and I love any cookbook whose recipe pages have ample space for notes, substitutions, etc.

If you want to enter, simply go to Bon Appetit's Win a Cookbook page and post a comment. You'll need to be registered with the site to do so but they have good newsletters and regular giveaways so it's probably worth your while.

And if you don't win one you can always buy a copy at Amazon.

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