Friday, January 10, 2020

(Almost) All ALDI Fish Tacos

I've been having a hankering for fish tacos but didn't feel like waiting for fast food either last night or this afternoon.

So I scoured my pantry, fridge and freezer and found I had the ingredients on hand to make a quick, tasty and filling Friday lunch.

  • 1 Beer Battered Cod Fillet (ALDI)
  • About a cup of thinly sliced red cabbage
  • 1 tbsp. mayo (ALDI)
  • A splash of white vinegar  
  • 2 Small Flour Tortillas (ALDI)
  • Sriracha Mayo

Cook fish fillet according to package directions. In the meantime, mix mayo and vinegar together in a small bowl and add to cabbage. (This can be done ahead of time and placed in the fridge.) Take fish out of the oven and cut in half lengthwise and then break each half into two pieces. Warm tortillas over a low burner until warm and a little charred (about 30 seconds each side). Place a layer of cabbage slaw on each tortilla, top with two chunks of fish each and drizzle with mayo. I wish I'd had some lime handy to add a splash of citrus but I'll remember it next time. – Dan Taylor

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