Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Ham Cornucopias from Treasured Recipes of the Old South (1941)

Gosh darn-it, Mrs. Marie Kimball. I know you’re “an authority on early American documents, architecture, glass and Colonial furniture,” but why do you always have to take things too far? Your recipe for Ham Cornucopias starts off so well. We’ve got your thinly sliced deli ham (though it looks a tad thick), we’ve got your small pickles—representing the spike of the lily, of course—and then you have to ruin it by throwing in the gelatin mold featuring mayo and vegetable salad, not to mention the dang aspic jelly cubes as garnish. I’m nothing if not a gallant gentleman, but can’t we just have some deli ham slathered in cream cheese wrapped around a hunk of dill? To say ‘Treasured Recipes of the Old South’ (John Morrell & Co., 1941) is problematic is an understatement. And I'll leave it at that. Click picture for full size image. — Dan Taylor

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