Monday, January 15, 2024

Battle Flatbread: Sausage and Kale (ALDI) vs Chicken Bacon Ranch (LIDL)

We had a Battle Flatbread at our weekly happy hour last night. The Sausage and Kale (left) came from ALDI, the Chicken Bacon Ranch (right) was picked up at LIDL. Both were easy to prep (10 minutes or so at 400 degrees, directly on the rack) though we did have some drippage on the bottom of the oven that prompted us to blast the vent fan on high for a few minutes. I was afraid people would be turned off by the presence of the divisive kale but everybody dug it. I have to give props to LIDL, though, their flatbread was a big hit with the crowd and had a little extra creaminess thanks to the ranch sauce. Personally, I preferred the Sausage & Kale (love that jaunty packaging, too) but an informal survey of the crowd suggested that they leaned towards LIDL. In a surprise move, my buddy *also* brought a Sausage and Kale flabread. In the end, all three were pretty much devoured and everybody went home happy. So aren't we really all winners? Flatbreads run about $5.50 at both ALDI and LIDL. — Dan Taylor

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