Sunday, June 05, 2005

Next FN Star: Dispatch #4

Nothing like the pompous Mario Batale to tell us how to pronouce bruschetta. Up next, it's the category of "Busy Chefs"... and we've got a sorta dumpy suburban mom, an African-American vegetarian, and a sorta cute chick who lost 90 lbs.

Hmmmmm.... I wonder who'll get in? No surprise that it's the weight loss cutie, though she looks like she could be Rachel Rey's sister. Maybe they should hold onto her "Before" photos since that's where Rachel's headed after a few more seasons of $40 A Day.

In a shocking move, Al Roker, Jr. makes his way in to the competition over another blonde hottie. Of course, who's gonna give a show to a guy that might have a heart attack by the time the show premieres?

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