Monday, September 24, 2007

Old Bay Ice Cream

After a hearty dinner at our favorite local sushi joint (Kyodai in Towson with its friendly staff, great service, excellent food and fun, interactive rotating sushi bar) we decided to walk off a a few calories, enjoy the nice weather and perhaps end up at Moxley's, a local purveyor of ice cream.

Naturally, the words 'OLD BAY' on the flavor board caught our eyes, especially since the flavor was writ in large letters with a sign tacked next to it that proclaimed 'TRY ME!' Immediately, I took this as a sign that the uniquely Maryland flavor was a surprise hit and I should do as the sign suggested.

Chris and I both gave it a taste, and were surprised at the slightly spicy, unique flavor. Unfortunately, my wife was not prepared to be as bold as I was and simply ordered the coffee mojo, a blend of coffee ice cream and crushed Oreos. My order led to the following exchange:

DT: "I'll have a Moxley sundae with Old Bay."
BOTH CLERKS (in unison): "REALLY?!"
DT: "Wait – is that not good? Am I the first person to order this?"
CLERK 1: "Well, no. Somebody else came in and bought a pint."
CLERK 2: "But other than that? Yeah."

Well, all the naysayers don't know what they're missing. The Old Bay ice cream – despite Chris's comment that it got worse with each bite she tasted – was an interesting, and I think successful, attempt at blending a distinctly Baltimore spice into your everyday ice cream, creating something I'm certainly glad I tried and wouldn't hesitate to try again.

Check out McCormick's Old Bay page for some recipes featuring the spice, unfortunately none of them of the ice cream variety.


Rachel said...

I like this idea! I bet i could come up with a recipe.

John said...

I love Old Bay in all its forms. But I have to admit: I think this sounds absolutely horrible. But, for the sake of science, I'll try it next time I'm up that way. Which should be, like, tomorrow.

Dan said...

John: Did you ever end up trying it? I hope you were as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Rachel: The mind certainly reels at the possibilities, doesn't it?

Wendy said...

I admit, never on ice cream, but I do use it on popcorn, and it is awesome try it!!

Matt said...

if you ever get a hankering for more old bay ice cream, we gave it a shot:

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