Thursday, June 02, 2005

Welcome to The Hungover Gourmet!

Ah, technology. Who knew that when I started "The Journal of Food, Drink, Travel and Fun" back in the late 1990s that, well, for one thing it'd still be around in 2005. I sure didn't and our readers were probably pretty skeptical during the three-year hiatus between issues four and five.

But hey, that's the nature of zines. They come, they go and sometimes they come back.

What we've got here, though, is the next step in THG's evolution. Yep, it's one of those there blog things, which is something we tried a couple years ago with the THG site and the site for Exploitation Retrospect, my long-running drive-in movie and Klaus Kinski site.

Unfortunately, the blog had an identity crisis... was it about food and drink and travel or was it about popular culture? Heck, sometimes it was about sports! Anyway, an attempt to move the blog in January of 2005 proved to be an ill-advised blessing in disguise. Everything was lost and I had to make the decision whether to start from scratch or abandon it completely.

In the intervening months I spent more time working on my auctions and collectibles blog which will soon have a site of its own while I mulled what to do with THG. If anything.

The discovery of technology that would allow me to relaunch the blog -- and tie it into the site's homepage -- made the decision to return a no brainer.

So welcome to the first of many posts in our new blog. Stay tuned!

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