Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Down the Hatch, Then What?

Competitive eating is, pardon the pun, big. You know you've made the big time when CSI uses you in an episode, and that's just what they did on Thanksgiving night when Grissom and Co. solved the case of a competitive eater found in a dumpster clutching a handful of mashed potatoes.

Further proof that competitive eating is becoming more accepted arrived in today's Washington Post. Seems that rather than watching the combatants in slack-jawed amazement, some researchers want to delve into the physiology of competitive eating and figure out just how the hell they do it in the first place.

With these items fresh in my mind, I decided it was finally time to unearth Silicone and Hot Sauce, a piece I wrote for THG back in 2000 when I got to witness Philadelphia's infamous Wing Bowl up close and personal.

1 comment:

Clurg said...

Chocolate pudding? Hopefully chocolate pudding?

Didn't Guinness quit taking entries for competitions like this? Did they start again or has competitive eating gone exclusively free market?