Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm No Genius But...

Is the announcement that fresh fruit wasn't selling well at Wendy's a giant shock?

I don't eat a whole lot of fast food. Yes, when we were in the process of moving I definitely did my fair share of burgers and bagel sandwiches, but that's inevitable. These days, I've been adjusting to the new kitchen, getting back to a bit healthier menu, and I swear I'm going back to the gym tomorrow. (THG's 39th birthday for anyone scoring at home.)

The closest I get to "fast food" these days is our take-out nights from Baja Fresh, but this isn't your ground meat in a bag, sour cream in a caulking gun travesty like Taco Bell. No, BF is pretty decent mid-level takeout and I'm a big fan of their fish tacos. Though last night the fish taco sauce came from the bottom of the bottle (or so Chris suggests) and it was like my tilapia had been coated in hellfire!

But if I'm going to a Wendy's or McD's or The King or Checker's or Rally Burger or one of the other heart attack merchants out there, I damn well better be getting a goddamn beef burger, easy on the lean, heavy on the sodium, packed with full fat dairy cheese and real deal mayonnaise. I just don't understand the logic behind these corporate decisions to introduce "healthy" menu options at these restaurants.

Yes, I know that SUPER SIZE ME illustrated the gross effects of eating at these places. But have you looked around this country recently? It's a fricking disgrace! If people really wanted to eat healthy the television wouldn't be crammed with commercials for the likes of Applebee's, Friday's, Red Slobster and every fast food joint under the sun.

Rant over. I gotta go have more wine and get ready for the Colts/Steelers game on MNF.

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