Friday, January 20, 2006

And This is Why I Love White Castle

If you're like me you approach New Year's Eve with a sense of fear and dread. Frankly, they don't call it "Amateur Night" for nothing. (And when I say "they" I mean bartenders, liquor store owners, police officers, and professional drinkers.) But the nice part is, hungover or not, New Year's Day is a recognized national holiday and a built-in recovery day.

But those of us who spend Super Bowl Sunday gorging on snacks, dips, wings, chips, chili, meatball subs, hoagies, and whatever liquid refreshment can wash away the sting of multiple gambling losses need a holiday the NEXT day. Screw New Year's Day, give me a holiday on Super Bowl Monday!

Sensing a groundswell of support for this concept, the brilliant minds at White Castle have begun a petition to declare the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday. Show your support. Sign the petition.


Anonymous said...

Superbowl night ... GREAT for indulging!! My fav -- spicy chicken dip w/ tortilla chips ... amazing!! And if you've never experienced should experiment!!! Leftovers include: pigs-in-blanket (I know, I know ... don't even TELL me the nutrition on this one!), seafood salad (I had it by itself -- leftovers also delicious w/ wheat thins, club crackers(yikes!)... and plain old chips-n-dip (traditional french-onion -- can't beat it). LOVE superbowl sunday for the privilege it allows to pig out :)

That said...looking for a healthy weekend! :) Any ideas of tasty(!) healthy it here!!! Any genre (i.e. italian, french, asian, amerian, etc.) great!

Anonymous said...

SO right about day-after-SBS ... need a holiday!! Mine was great, though ... total day to indulge! Hilites (and leftover!) include: buffalo tortilla dip ( if you haven't experienced this you need to check it out!!) ... seafood salad (I had it alone, but also delicious on club cracjers (yikes, I know!!) ... and pigs-in-blanket (don't even WANT to know the nutrition on this!).

After THAT weekend!! ... looking for a healthy recipe for THIS weekend ... anything tasty and somehat healthy would be helpful!