Friday, September 01, 2006

My Latest Shuffle

It's 4:30 on a holiday weekend Friday and my urge to work is slowly draining away. The last ten tunes to play on my computer via the "Party Shuffle" feature on iTunes:
More Human Than the Human - Rob Zombie
King Medicine - Jets to Brazil
Feel So Numb - Rob Zombie
Life Sentence - Dead Kennedys
Wouldn't Last a Day - Agent Ornage
Cars Collide - Marvelous 3
Sorry Kitty - Pino Donaggio (CRAWLSPACE soundtrack)
Killer Wolf - Danzig
La Isla Bonita - Madonna
20th Century Man - Kinks
Kill Me Now - Figgs


Mega Munch said...

Rob Zombie is great. His "Feed the Gods" is on my three song power playlist for competitive eating contests.

It's only a coincidence that it has the word "feed" in the title and I listen to it while I'm eating. I just chose it because it's a freakin' hardcore song from beginning to end.

Dan said...

Good choice... listening to 'Feed the Gods' right now. I always enjoyed Zombie when he's appear on Howard Stern and ended up downloading a couple discs for my iTunes library. Good stuff. When I was at the crabcake contest in the spring Brickhouse's wife told me that he listens to hip-hop when he competes.