Friday, November 03, 2006

City of Brotherly Lunch

When I last lived and worked in Philly (going on eight years now!), the city's food renaissance seemed just be getting under way. Best known for cheesesteaks and roast pork sandwiches, Philly was flexing its culinary muscle as everything from taco joints and brew pubs to world class sushi restaurants and five star dining joined the Le Bec Fin's of the world.

One thing the city always needed was a good burger joint. Sure, there was a time when you could hit one of the area's handful of White Castles for the bile-soaking sponge of meat and bread they offered, but what about a great, juicy, cooked to order burger? Easier said than done in those days.

Now, though, the venerable burger appears on the rise in the City of Brotherly Lunch. Check out this article (thanks Cheesewit!) from the Philadelphia Weekly which rates a few "upscale" burger joints including one DC-based chain that's got my mouth watering.

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