Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MA Voters Reject Law Allowing Wine in State Food Stores

I was in Massachusetts for a few days last week and couldn't believe the amount of money being spent on advertising for/against a ballot initiative regarding wine sales in supermarkets. Living in yet another state where my beer, wine and liquor purchases are relegated to individual stores that may or may not be open on Sundays, I'd love to have the freedom to buy a six-pack of beer whenever I want.

Not surprisingly, this ballot issue became a hot-button topic with ads suggesting that the sale of wine in supermarkets would lead to rampant alcohol abuse, a spike in drunk driving, and possible acts of beastiality.

Well, the scare tactics apparently worked because voters rejected the law.

Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly decided more was not better, rejecting a supermarket-inspired ballot question that would have allowed more food stores to sell wine.

Read the whole article at the Boston Globe.

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