Sunday, November 12, 2006

Does The Latest Edition of Joy Fall Short?

Here's a look at the new edition of the beloved Joy of Cooking from the pages of Slate.

I have the previous edition of Joy and though I do use it for quick reference and a few favorite recipes (especially a Latin flavored pork shoulder that is outta sight), it's hardly the most oft-used cooking tome in our kitchen. I refer to the worn and stained pages of Fannie Farmer and the various Cooking Light annual collections far more, plus I don't like Joy's design or the way the recipes are presented. Haven't looked at the new edition yet but doubt I'll be picking one up for my bookshelf.

I think I have a copy of How to Cook Everything, but we boxed 95% of our cookbooks when we moved last year and they're still in our attic waiting for a proper location in the new abode.

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