Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving (and Onion Emergency)

Just a quick post to wish everybody a happy and healthy Thanksgiving filled with food, drink and fun. Hopefully you're like me and have little or no travel to do on this day, which here in Baltimore is grey and chilly.

On the menu here at THG HQ is the most traditional of traditional holiday feasts. Chris was tired of me grilling the turkey and keeping all the wonderful aromas outside the house so we're doing an oven roasted bird, stuffing, her family's broccoli and cheese casserole (one of my faves), two kinds of cranberry (I like jellied, she likes whole), rolls, etc.

Only mishap appears to be that the onions in the pantry have gone bad. Damn organic onions. I swear they don't last as long as traditional pesticide and chemical laced onions, so I have to get out of my pj's and head to the store before I can get the bird in the oven.

Any holiday disasters -- big or small -- for anyone else? I, of course, had my holiday disaster the day after Thanksgiving, which you can read all about here.

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