Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Is Your Playstation Worth $12,500 in Tacos?

Playstation 3 has been one of the red hot toys of the holiday shopping season (we had reports of people sleeping out in front of Best Buy last week to get their hands on one) but what's it worth to you? Would a lifetime supply of tacos appeal to your inner Comic Book Guy?

Yes, Taco Bell is offering a lifetime supply of tacos (actually $12,500 in Taco Bell Bucks) to the first person who agrees to trade in their new Playstation 3 Game Console. The game will then be donated to a Boys & Girls Club of America teen center.

Read the complete details here.


Mega Munch said...

I would totally do this. The going rate on eBay for a PS3 is around $1,000. Maybe I should buy one and turn around and trade it in.

Dan said...

It's a great ROI for the person who is able to turn it around. Not that I would eat Taco Bell all that often, but you could make $12,500 in food last a long time.