Wednesday, January 17, 2007

And I Thought He Just Had Bad Taste in Sweaters

As a former resident of both South Jersey and Philly, my appreciation for the City of Brotherly Love is pretty much limitless. Some of the best years of my life were spent in and around the town, watching and having my heart ripped out by its underachieving but great sports teams, hanging out in its punk clubs and dive bars, shopping for records at Third Street Jazz (RIP), and haunting South Street before it became an outdoor mall.

One of the other things I love about Philly is former mayor Ed Rendell, now entering his second term as governor of the state of Pennsylvania. Rendell, a rumpled hulk of a man, so loves the Philadelphia Eagles that he can't keep his mouth shut about the team. Years ago when the Birds had a number one draft choice he led the rabble that wanted Ricky Williams over Donovan McNabb. Say what you will about D-Nice, I think we all know how that situation turned out.

Even after ascending to the highest post in the state, Rendell makes weekly trips to the city in order to appear on an Eagles post-game show broadcast on the local Comcast station. (For more on Rendell and his questionable relationship with Comcast read this post.) Living in Baltimore I don't get to catch the show often, but when I do Rendell has a tendency to wear the world's ugliest sweaters and looks like somebody just pulled him out of a basement in South Philly. Which, to me, has always been his appeal.

Unfortunately, Ed's taste in sweaters must be as bad as his taste in cheesesteaks. KYW News Radio reports that the inaugural ball was catered by Pat's Steaks, easily one of the worst cheesesteak sandwiches you will ever have. In fact, during our Cheesesteak Tour of a few years ago Pat's ranked lowest among the five stops, even finishing below such tourist traps as Geno's and Jim's.

Thanks to Cheesewit for the tip.

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