Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'll Have to Remember This for 2021

A few years ago we had a "periodic cicada" infestation here in Baltimore and it was pretty much as awful as it sounds. Not just loud and annoying, the big, ugly flying bugs had a disturbing habit of flying right for your mouth anytime you were outside, which made lawn work or simply sitting on your back patio a real chore.

One of the most memorable moments, however, came when my wife spotted a woman up the street from us bagging the crunchy critters for what appeared to be use in some kind of recipe. Residents of Nigeria are dealing with their own infestation these days, but they too have turned the tables on annoying pests. According to this brief story from BBC News, people in the Borno State region have renamed the pesky bugs "desert shrimp" and are turning the infestation into an all you can eat critter buffet.

Thanks to Smile Hon editor WP Tandy for the tip.

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