Sunday, February 11, 2007

Help Save Baltimore's Senator Theater

Baltimore's Senator Theater, the last of the area's grand old movie theaters, may be facing its final curtain. The theater has 10 days to raise the $93,000 it owes its lender or the majestic, nearly 70 year old building will be sold at foreclosure auction.

I'm not here to ask you for a donation but if you do feel so inclined every little bit helps. A groundswell of grassroots fund-raising efforts has been under way for a few days, helped along by articles in the local media (you can read the articles at the site link below) and the theater promises a fundraising "progress bar" to let people know how close they are to achieving their goal.

More than just a theater, the Senator is also a key component in the recent revival of the city's Belvedere Square area and brings substantial foot traffic to the restaurants and small businesses that have helped turn the area around. A donation to help the Senator is a donation to help continue the revitalization of Baltimore itself.

100% of all purchases of The Hungover Gourmet made through our store between now and February 19 (next Monday) will go directly to the Save Our Senator fund. If you can't make a purchase or donate please help spread the word about the fight to Save Our Senator.

Read more or make a donation.

Purchase an issue of THG and Help Save Our Senator.

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