Saturday, February 17, 2007

Save Our Senator Update... 4 Days to Go

Just to update everybody, the Senator Theater has raised about $63,000 worth of donations with four days to go until the deadline imposed by the bank. Ironically, the bank that is threatening the theater with foreclosure -- First Mariner -- is a Baltimore owned and operated institution that has been running ads trumpeting its dedication to Baltimore.

Granted, they're a business and thus in it to make money and not give a handout to every charity case. One wishes that they could meet the theater owner on common ground to try and prevent the theater from biting the dust.

In other news, sales of The Hungover Gourmet combined with my own donation should contribute $100 or more to the cause. Thanks to everybody that has helped spread the word, purchased an issue or donated to the cause.

There's still time to buy a copy of THG with all proceeds going to the Save Our Senator fund.

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