Sunday, March 25, 2007

Restaurant Criticism Goes 21st Century with Food Blogs

The world of restaurant reviewing used to be a genteel place where the participants all knew the rules. Owners would open new eateries, reviewers would wait till chefs and staff had the kinks ironed out, and readers would get a (usually) polite, constructive look at a new place to dine out.

Welcome to 2007. Food blogs have blown that concept out of the water and some restaurant owners are not happy about it. Check out this article from the San Francisco Chronicle in which restaurant owners – gasp! – are upset that such rank amateurs as bloggers can have an impact on their business.


Kiki Maraschino said...

Right...God forbid that diners have opinions! That said, I think most people try to give restaurants the benefit of the doubt before blasting them.

Baltimore Snacker said...

Not that we aren't the bastards' livelihoods. No, God forbid schmucks like you and me are saying anything at all about their food or service!

Interesting, but true: we do have a lot of power that I never realized. Far from us deserving to be seen and not heard, it really is time we hold restaurateurs' feet to the fire if the food and service sucks, and throwing flowers and candy at them if it doesn't. Not that I want to ruin anyone's livelihood, but maybe it'll be a poke in the ribs of somebody who'll go out of business if he or she keeps on shoveling that cruddy service at us!