Friday, March 23, 2007

The Heat is On at Wendy's: Part 2

Two weeks ago in this blog I mentioned the new, limited time only 4-Alarm Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Wendy's and how my "chicken sandwich dollar" was up for grabs. Today, after spending more than a week battling a nasty flold (a combination flu and cold) that refused to let me out of its phlegmy grip, I finally got a chance to stop at a Wendy's and give it a spin.

I'll be the first to admit that Wendy's is not exactly top of mind for me when it comes to grabbing some fast food. I've probably eaten there less than a dozen times in my life, preferring Burger King, Roy Rogers and McDonald's if I'm in a position to eat a fast food burger. Frankly, I like the non-traditional fast food items better than the standard burgers, and would rather have BK's onion rings and spicy dipping sauce, Roy's chicken, and a Filet-O-Fish from the Golden Arches when it comes right down to it.

And while I pretty much disagree with everything they stand for politically, I do loves me some Chic-Fil-A.

But I have to give Wendy's a big thumbs up for the 4-Alarm Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Though the romaine lettuce was nowhere to be found, the sandwich actually comes darn close to looking like the promo materials I've been seeing on TV and in magazines. A hearty, juicy piece of breaded chicken is topped with a chipotle sauce, pepper jack cheese (which could have been melted more), jalapenos and a couple slices of tomato. Instead of your traditional burger roll, the whole thing sits between an upscale "artisan bread" as they call it.

I'm not sure which Wendy's "artisan" baked my bread – the girl with the unnaturally pink hair or the one shouting to her co-workers about her child's "baby daddy" – but well done whoever you were. The bread was firm, but soft and pleasant, not the stale, doughy chewfest I was dreading.

Since I enjoy hot and spicy food I was expecting little or no heat from the sandwich, but it packs a surprisingly piquant bite for a fast food sandwich without resorting to vinegary hot sauces you'll find on Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches.

Like other limited time menu items such as Taco Bell's Extreme Nachos I'll be sad when the 4-Alarm Spciy Chicken Sandwich leaves us. Sure, I have to drive all the way up to Hunt Valley to have one – I don't like the looks of the rather old school Wendy's on York Road – but if I'm up at Wegmans or making a post office trip it'd be worth the stop.

One tip, though. Do yourself a favor and pass on the combo. Wendy's french fries may be the blandest, most unremarkable fast food fries out there, and that's saying something. I even tried dipping them in the sour cream and onion dip I made for tonight's basketball games but even that had little or no effect and I ended up tossing most of them in the trash.

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Mega Munch said...

That doesn't look half bad! I'll have to stop by and grab one...or ten.