Thursday, May 17, 2007

DISHWASHER by Pete Jordan

I was never what you would call a regular reader of the zine Dishwasher in which editor Pete Jordan aka Dishwasher Pete travelled the country washing dishes and writing about his experiences. Then again, like many zines, Dishwasher wasn't all that regular itself, popping up on shelves every now and again.

When I was chatting with Benn from Atomic Books a couple weeks ago I was surprised to hear that Pete not only had a Dishwasher book coming out but that it was coming from a major publishing house (Harper Perennial). Frankly, I thought the days of big imprints putting out zine collections (or books inspired by zines) were long gone. (Here's a review of the book from Radar Online.)

I haven't had a chance to pick up Dishwasher The Book yet but will probably try and hit Jordan's appearance next week at Atomic where he'll be reading from his work. Who knows? Maybe THG will make it to the big time one of these days and I can read in your town.

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