Monday, May 28, 2007

Is This My Future?

Usually I cringe at columnists who fill their word count by relating the recent exchanges they've had with their kids. Frankly, what they think is cute or insightful often is not.

But I couldn't help but get a chuckle from this column about kids and fast food ordering. Like oeniphiles who know which areas in a region produce the best wines, today's kids are intimately aware of which fast food joints make the best food. (Though I take umbrage with his kid's insistence that Burger King has the best fries while McDonald's has the best burgers. I've always seen in the other way around. And I prefer BK Onion Rings to any fast food side.)

As I read the column I couldn't help but wonder if this is was a window on a conversation I'll be having nine or ten years from now. Sometime in the next couple weeks The Hungover Gourmet is going to become a dad. And if that scares you a little how do you think it makes me feel?!

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