Monday, May 28, 2007

Vegan Beer, Wine and Liquor... And Memories of an Organic Wine Hangover

I confess that I have never, ever given thought to the subject of vegan alcohol. I used to date a woman who was a vegetarian and for some reason she and I once bought a couple bottles of organic white wine to take with us on an out-of-town trip.

Now, I have had hangovers from too much, well, you name it: beer, white wine, red wine, rum, whiskey, gin, vodka, moonshine, pochin, malt liquor, sambuca, tequila, brandy... the list goes on. Yet very few of them have turned me off the drink forever.

Organic wine is one of those things. I honestly don't even think it was even a "hangover" per se as I think we only had a bottle, maybe two, between us. But I was sicker the next day than probably two or three other booze-related days in my life.


Geoffrey Finch said...

Rather sweeping statement, especially as in my experience the effects are exactly the opposite. Expecially if the wines are biodynamic. Organic, or "natural" wines produce far fewer ill effects than wines that are produced with the full range of toxic chemicals used to "protect" the grapes in the vineyard. So just out of curiosity, what was the wine you were drinking? Perhaps there was something else wrong with it and are you sure it was organic?

Dan said...

This was years ago so no, I don't remember the wine but I remember the feeling the next day. I'm not trying to cast aspersions on all organic wines, rather to say that the one bad experience did turn me off to it. I still get a cold chill when I see organic wine in the liquor store.

Elaine Vigneault said...

Food aversions are interesting like that. It only takes one bad experience to put many people off certain types of foods forever. For example, if you get food sick from an egg mcmuffin, you probably won't ever want egg mcmuffins again.

Thanks for the link :)

Baltimore Snacker said...

I can understand the food aversions dilemma. A few years ago I had several run-ins with some very nasty Chinese food - yes, all holes-in-the-wall, I should've known better. At first, I thought they had just slipped in MSG and so I must be allergic to it. But upon reflection I realized that, to a fault, every single dish that made me ill was a shrimp dish. Since then I have avoided shrimp dishes at Chinese restaurants like the plague. I'm fine with chicken, beef, and usually pork, but never shrimp. I did try it again about a year ago. Still made me sick.