Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nothing Says Salad Like a Cheeseburger

We took Ryan on her first road trip last week. We drove from our home in Maryland up through Delaware and over the bridge to New Jersey – our native state – so that we could visit with my mother. Not only did she get to go through three states in one day but she even got to see what a Super Wawa looks like! Not bad for your first road trip.

On the way back I couldn't help but stop and snap the picture at right. I lived in Pittsburgh for a while and I thought it was odd that the people out there put french fries in their salad. Saladworks appears to be blowing that concept away with their new "seasonal cheeseburger salad". Why bother with the "salad" part at all? And can't you just imagine how great the cheeseburger crafted by the artisans at a Saladworks on Route 73 is?

Gotta love the fact that there's a Casual Male XL right next door, though. Talk about synergy!


Mega Munch said...

Similarly, there's an Old Country Buffet here in Harrisburg with a Dress Barn located next door. I guess it was funnier when I thought Dress Barn only sold plus-sized clothing. Can't blame me for thinking is called Dress BARN.

Dan said...

Wait, you're telling me Dress Barn is NOT just plus-sized clothing? Learn something new every day!