Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Report from the Road: Almost Home (Kinda)

I've lost track of what day it is from the road. We arrived at our destination in Oklahoma on Saturday afternoon and spent the next couple days visiting with my brother JT and his wife Nancy. As if getting to spend time with my best friend wasn't enough, they live minutes away from Head Country, one of my favorite BBQ joints in the entire nation. And, after spending the better part of two days eating McDonald's, Steak & Shake, and the Fairfield Inn equivalent of bagels this was a welcome change of pace.

Sunday the heat kept on climbing and the food kept on coming. JT and Nancy recently stayed at a bed & breakfast and had a dish called Creamed Eggs. Imagine, if you can, a warm, breakfast version of Deviled Eggs and you'll have some idea of how great Creamed Eggs are. Sunday dinner was a nice pork roast complete with sauteed squash, cheddar grits, and mashed tates (not of the cream cheese/sour cream variety).

After some last minute visiting on Monday morning it was unfortunately time to hit the road again. We altered our return route a little to see a different part of the midwest and we ended up putting in about 600 miles, getting from Ponca City, OK to Mount Vernon, IL.

It's about 7:30 local time and we've got about 800 miles to go. I've just had more Fairfield Inn coffee and bagels (about what you might expect from a hotel in Mount Vernon, IL) to fill my belly and it's about time to pack up the Escape for our last push. Knock wood, if all goes well we'll be back in our own bed tonight with a full day to recoup and get ready for this weekend's big European Trash Paradise World Con taking place in Hunt Valley, MD.

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