Thursday, August 02, 2007

Report from the Road: Day 1

Day 1 of our trip went off without a hitch as we made it from Baltimore to Kentucky in about seven hours. We stopped for a bite to eat when we reached Fairmont, WV and found a roadside stand just off the interstate called the Dairy Creme Corner.

There were plenty of franchise choices further down the road, but when I see "Pepperoni Rolls" and "Beef BBQ" I'm much more willing to give that a shot than KFC, Golden Arches or the King.

For about $10 we were able to get a Beef BBQ sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich and two medium sodas. Sandwiches were okay, not packed with flavor, but the BBQ was hot and tasted fresh. Unfortunately, their choice of rolls left something to be desired. They were doughy and chewy and really didn't lend themselves to either the BBQ or the Grilled Chicken.

In all, if you're pulling off in that area to get gas you can probably do worse and at least you're not eating at a chain.

After stopping we pressed on through West Virginia into Kentucky, arriving at the clean, nice Fairfield Inn around 4:30. Once we got checked in and cleaned the road dirt off us we headed over to see Chris' grandparents where we had a homestyle feast of fried chicken, mashed potatoes (made with potatoes, cream cheese and sour cream), green beans, corn, peeled tomatoes and coconut pie waiting for us. Not surprisingly, I had seconds and fell into a deep food-induced coma when we got back to the hotel.

This morning we're up and at it, enjoying our free continental breakfast and catching up on news of the bridge collapse before heading back to Gram and Grampy's for the day.


John said...

Me likee this Kentucky cuisine! Have fun. See any signs for pop yet? I went to Kentucky about 12 years ago on a community service trip. We stopped by a little store in Kentucky and saw signs for pop. I had no idea what that was at first, and then I found out "Oh, SODA pop! THAT'S what they call it here." Kentucky also marked the first time I ever set foot in a Wal-Mart. Not quite the religious experience my friends believed it would be.

Dan said...

The second night's dinner was Gram's famous mashed tates, corn, green beans and really, really good baby back ribs. Way better than the ones I had at Corner Stable up on York Road.

Haven't seen any pop signs but we did get some potato chips I've never seen before (Poore Brothers). Keep hoping to see a beer I'm not familiar with but most places have the same shi**y selection we have in MD.

Biggest differences I've noticed so far: tons of White Castles (we plan to stop at one on our way back through St. Louis), pumping your gas before paying for it, bing able to buy beer (and liquor!) in gas station convenience stores, and wonderful 70 mile per hour speed limits.

Oh yeah, we also got take out from a Steak & Shake last night. Very good but not earth-shattering.