Friday, October 26, 2007

Best Selling Beers in America

Appellation Beer is a great site devoted to the search for "the soul of beer." While my tastes can be pretty plebeian at times (just as The Beer Snob), I still cherish the taste of a good beer. Check out the site's list of the Top Selling Craft Beers in America.

Very interesting list and I agree with some of the reader comments about East Coast bias. I would have definitely thought that Sam Adams outsold Sierra Nevada.

But I'm really glad to see Black Butte Porter in the Top 15. Had this when I was at the Freaking Frog in Vegas a year or so ago. One of the owners told my brother and me that it was the perfect porter if we were planning on having “a session”. When our “session” was complete about eight hours after we arrived we had a new favorite beer. Unfortunately, I can’t get it in stores here and have had to have it shipped from the outside world.

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