Friday, November 09, 2007

Rachel Ray vs. Tony Bourdain

Rachel Ray was on my old stomping grounds this week while Anthony Bourdain was just a short hop, skip and a jump down 95 in DC. I saw neither of their appearances but TV Food Fan led me to the following:

Here's a recap of Ray's visit to the Moorestown Mall, where I bought many awful outfits at Chess King store and read snippets of Mack Bolan novels in their bookstore.

Bourdain, meanwhile, was at the Smithsonian talking about his new book and dissing celebrity chefs. He also provided his hangover cure which, while partially illegal, I present here for the sake of reportage:

Roll a really good joint and huff that before you get out of bed. Then have a cold Coca-Cola. Then have something like cold Kung Pao chicken or some very spicy leftovers. The trilogy of opulence.


John said...

I really enjoy Bourdain's show. But I have to ask: am I the only one who thinks Bourdain is an arrogant and pretentious prick? He does now and has always struck me as such, pointing fingers at those who have "sold out" when he really has no business doing so. I don't know, I just had to ask. Bourdain might even agree for all I know.

Dan said...

John: Oh no, I don't think you're wrong at all. In fact, I stayed away from reading his books or watching his shows for a long time because I thought "Wow, what an arrogant, pretentious prick." Then I realized somewhere along the line that he's well aware he's an arrogant prick and he pretty much cultivates it. Frankly, I sorta admire somebody who can have a persona that's somewhat unlikable on the surface, yet you still want to have a beer with him. Unlike Mario Batali and Bobby Flay, both of whom I think are unlikable arrogant and pretentious pricks.

John said...

LOL: Well put!

Anonymous said...

I don't find him arrogant at all. Snarky and cocky, yeah, but he has a humility about him. And a true respect for different cuisines from different cultures. He doesn't make me want to sucker-punch him the way Andrew Zimmern does.