Saturday, December 01, 2007

Could This Be My Last Post...?

Two plus days and $200 in cables after its original delivery date, our 42" HDTV – a birthday gift from the world's most incredible wife – has been delivered. Minutes after firing it up in all its glory I fear I'm not long for social interaction, blogs, client work, grocery shopping, or chatting on the phone and will soon descend into a Howard Hughes-ian state, with fingernails that can reach down to my tissue-box-covered toes. Just watch out for those jars of urine!

Though it took three Best Buy trips to get the cabling straightened out until we were experiencing the full beauty of the tube, I did christen it with a quick glimpse of the mighty RE-ANIMATOR. My brother, smart ass that he is, called and asked how a fifth generation copy of a Spanish horror film dubbed into French with Japanese subtitles looked.

Can't wait till tomorrow when I can join the other NFL faithful in bitching that the network isn't covering my game in HD.


Aj said...

Welcome to the HDTV cult. You will LOVE it. Promise. Although, at first it's a little distracting to see every covered up acne scar, mascara glob, and crow's foot in high definition.

Now, go work on that assgrove.

John said...

I have no time for this "High Def TV" thing. Hell, I'm surprised I even get time to watch Low Def TV!

Dan said...

I can't count the number of times this weekend we said "Wow" or "Tell me again why we waited so long". My fear is that I'll now start watching stuff I'd never watch before, simply because it's shown in HD. Like that Michael J Fox movie where he's the concierge? Speaking of which, the lead bad guy in that should NOT be shown in HD. He's got some *thing* on the side of his face he might want to have looked at.

I was the same way John... but for what TV I *do* watch it really does make a difference.