Monday, December 31, 2007

Great Ways with Brussels Sprouts

Hard to believe that the boy who once believed corn was the only edible vegetable on the planet has grown into an adventurous eater willing to give just about anything a try at least once.

Case in point: Brussels Sprouts. There's no way I'd have eaten these ugly little cabbages back in my 20s, let alone been whipping them up in my kitchen. But times have changed and I love these guys steam, boiled and sauteed.

Admittedly, they match up great with onions, butter, cream, cheese and various pork-related products so it's no surprise that they've become winter staple around THG HQ.

Here's a great-sounding recipe from Wine Spectator's Sips & Tips e-newsletter which features pancetta and pecorino.

Looking for a diverse sauce that works as well with sprouts as it does with broccoli, another veggie I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole just a couple decades ago? Check out this recipe from a recent issue of the Baltimore Sun.

Instead of the broccoli the recipe calls for we used a similar amount of brussels sprouts with the outer leaves removed, stems trimmed and then halved lengthwise. And rather than cook them in water we added them right to the pan after removing the bacon and sauteeing the onions in the bacon fat (I didn't have any shallots). I also omitted the oil because I used about twice as much bacon as the recipe called for.

The end result? A tasty dish that will join the brussels sprouts repertoire on those weekends when "healthy eating" goes out the window for the day.


bradi said...

I make those brussel sprouts but I add garlic and pine nuts (oh, and less bacon). Love them little cabbages!

John said...

I have never liked brussel sprouts either. I just might have to try this. BTW: Happy New Year!