Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is The Sun Reading My Mind... or Mail?

The new issue of THG continues to plod along, thrown off course by both the holiday season and a recent wave of client projects that have taken up a considerable amount of time normally reserved for such endeavors.

Oddly enough, two recent articles have appeared in The Baltimore Sun that have me wondering if my keyboard is being tapped! Over the last couple months I've been e-mailing both Bluebird Coffee and Zeke's Coffee about articles and/or interviews for the upcoming coffee-themed installment of the zine.

Much to my surprise, articles about both have appeared in the paper in the last week: there was a profile of Bluebird just over a week ago and yesterday the paper did an article on the recent tasting of rare Kopi Luwak coffee held by the folks at Zeke's.

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theacanlas said...

I'm gonna be a jerk and say I've been enjoying a healthy cup of Kopi Luwak once a week and I must say, I am addicted. Here in Manila (where I'm doing a project for another month), you can get 100g of the beans for about $18 (good for about... 20 cups). A few coffee shops have it in their menu too for about $5 a cup. Still really steep by Manila standards but hell, I'm gonna enjoy it while I can still afford it!