Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lobster Chops? What the #*&% are Lobster Chops?!

I always enjoy when restaurants make up dishes and try to pretend like we should know what the hell they are. Consider the latest addition to the culinary landscape from our friends at Red Slobster... current commercials for their annual Lobsterfest (which I swear happens more often than that) tout something called "Lobster Chops".

Lobster Chops? What the #*&% are Lobster Chops?

Well, according to the Red Lobster web site, Lobster Chops® are "Maine lobster tails wrapped around tender sea scallops". As Chris said, "I love both of those things but that sounds like it's so rich it would make throw up."


Kathy said...

I think the fact that they're served at Red Lobster is enough to make me throw up.


Did I tell you that I work with someone who was asked to go out on a date, and he picked her up at 16th and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia and drove her to a Red Lobster in Springfield, PA to eat at a Red Lobster because he had a coupon?

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Aj said...

In his book "Red Lobster, White Trash, and Oh So Blue," Joe Queenan had a theory that there is just a large seafood slurry pot on the stove in the Red Lobster kitchen, and it gets poured into molds that shape it into whatever someone orders.

That assessment is not far off, from what I've heard. I've been able to avoid the place.

Although when I was landlocked in Champaign, IL, the Red Lobster did get voted "best seafood" in town. Yeck.

JT said...

Having reluctantly eaten at the Slobster a time or two (though I must confess that I like them biscuits), the only words that ring true in the sentence 'Maine lobster tails wrapped around tender sea scallops' are 'wrapped' and 'around'.

John said...

Ick. Ick ick ick.

Dan said...

Aj: Don't laugh. I was flipping through the Restaurant Issue of Baltimore magazine the other day and I'm almost positive readers voted PF Chang's the "Best Chinese Restaurant". Sigh...

Aj said...

At least Champaign IL is landlocked, so the "excuse" for Red Lobster winning "Best Seafood" was that there really weren't any alternatives. Now, BBQ and steaks, yeah.

Speaking of PF Changs, have you tried "Pei Wei", their Asian diner "concept"? My dine-in experience was good, but take-out was lousy.