Friday, April 11, 2008

FOOD COURT: Another Day, Another Food-Related Stabbing

I have never worked in a retail environment – and for good reason. Had I worked in a restaurant I'd have been hard-pressed not to question diner's choices or make my own thinly-veiled suggestions, such as, "Really? You think you should take a look at the dessert tray?"

Even worse, I can't imagine working in a video store or record shop, forcing myself to choke down critical comments about customers' selections.

At the very least, though, I think I would have been able to keep my anger at fellow employees in check. Sure, I've worked with some boneheads through the years (haven't we all?) but I've never felt the need to stab one of them.

Not the case at a Catonsville McDonald's according to the Baltimore Sun. Seems that one worker stabbed another in the torso – multiple times – and will be arraigned on attempted murder charges. Fearing they'd be left out, another employee offered to hide the stabbing suspect and faces charges of being an accessory to the crime.

My guess is that there will be two, maybe three, positions open soon... if not immediately. Check out the McDonald's website for the latest. And while you're there be sure to browse the latest – wait for it – McDonald's podcasts.


John said...

This and the previous story have utterly convinced me that I just don't like humans.

Social Networking Designer said...

Hmm more and more food-related stabbing incidents.. I wonder if these are just isolated cases or if there's a deeper cause for these.

diningdish said...

Just goes to show you, don't eat in food courts.

jj said...

Oh my gosh! People like this give foodies a bad name. This is awful. Think I'll keep cooking and eating at home!