Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Area Convenience Stores Offer Several Types of Gas

Convenience stores and convenience store food get a pretty bad rap in our country, some of it well-deserved. Just look at the portrayal of these one-stop shops in such shows as THE SIMPSONS and movies like CLERKS. Even I'm guilty of it, visibly blanching last night when a character in an episode of THE WIRE was drinking a cup of 7-11 coffee.

But convenience stores have been stepping up their efforts to offer drivers more than just petrol and potties. From coffee and doughnuts to snacks, subs and – gasp – sushi, the Wawas, BPs and Royal Farms of the world should be commended for their efforts to fill our bellies while we're filling our tanks.

Baltimore Sun reporter John Linder took off on a culinary adventure of sorts recently, and reports his findings in today's edition. Linder and his wife hit five local convenience store/gas stations, sampled their menu offerings and reported back. Though I'm not sure why you'd visit a Wawa and not have a trademark sub.

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