Wednesday, August 20, 2008

THG's Alma Mater Named America's Ugliest Campus

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Radar magazine has named Drexel University the "Ugliest Campus in America" in its upcoming issue. (If you've never heard of Radar don't worry about it – I can honestly say you're not missing anything. Just picture some unholy but largely unreadable mash-up of FHM, Maxim and Spin.)

As a Drexel grad (Class of '89 baby!) I'd be hard-pressed to defend the decision, though I'm sure there are other worthy contenders (though I'm not sure how many featured a student murdered by a security guard). I don't know what has taken place on campus since I left but while I attended the school the buildings that weren't old and out of date were made up of ugly orange brick.

Physical attributes aside I felt like I got a pretty good education there and I'm a big proponent of the cooperative education program which actually gave me the chance to figure out what I wanted to do career-wise instead of being plunked down in the post-college job world without any practical experience.

Oh yeah, and the radio station ruled.


Aj said...

Actually, except for certain areas of the U. Penn campus, most campuses (campi?) in Philadelphia city limits are kinda fugly. No offense to any Owls out there, but Temple is more fug than Drexel (Yay! Class of '93). And St. Joe's and LaSalle, with City Line Ave. running through them? Truly, the ugliest "campus" in Philly is probably Thomas Jefferson University's, as much as it has a "campus".

If you want a "nice" campus, see Villanova, Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, Haverford, Rosemont, etc.

Dan said...

Dragon Pride!!!

Yeah, I agree that DU is probably an easy target for those magazine types. None of those city schools (sans some of the parts of Penn) are all that spiffy.