Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Surprised it Took This Long

A San Diego-based group of religious, mmm, zealots has taken offense to the retro-style Starbucks logo the company has been using in recent months. Though not as psychologically damaging as their original logo, the new version does feature a mermaid whose hair is covering her breasts.

The original logo, in which her – gasp! – mermaid boobies are hanging out there for all to see is shown above.


roopa said...

I'm totally amused by their statement that the logo "has a naked woman on it with her legs spread like a prostitute," because DUH it's a mermaid and we all know that mermaids don't have legs.

However, I'm going to have to agree with them in a call for a boycott on Starbucks, because Starbucks sucks.

John said...

Good gravy. These people would have a breast-feeding mother arrested. If they want to protest Starbucks, let them protest the super high calories in just about everything they sell.