Friday, May 23, 2008

Mmmm, Vigilante Candy

While on our way to see the new INDIANA JONES flick at the drive-in last night we stopped by the local Wawa for the usual: a couple Italian hoagies, some Diet Lemonade Iced Tea, chips and Gummi Bears.

As I headed over to use the no surcharge ATM (just one of the many benefits of Wawa), I noticed a display featuring Christian Bale in the famous cape and cowl of The Batman. Upon closer examination it turned out to be a candy display featuring not one but two types of DARK KNIGHT-inspired treats.

According to the package the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is in the shape of the Bat symbol while the Kit Kat has a "Special Designed Bar Inside". Haven't opened 'em yet but here's a quick scan of the package outside...

While doing your grocery shopping this weekend be sure to be on the lookout for specially marked boxes of Cheerios featuring stunt figures of your favorite psychotic, masked vigilante and homicidal maniac.


Mobtown Shank said...


Dan said...

LOL... bravo Mr. Shank, bravo.

dazzie said...

Hey have you tried vigilcandy with purple this drink??? It tastes delicious since you tried the candy try it with purple...LOL!
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