Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grab a Frosty Mug

I rarely drink soda these days. When I was a kid I loved the stuff... Pepsi, Coke, Pepsi Light (the one with lemon), Triple Cola, 7-Up... it didn't matter. I just liked soda. By my teenage years Mountain Dew was my drug drink of choice, an addiction that continued well into my college years. I even wrote about what they were doing to my Dew in an early incarnation of what was to become this zine/blog/website.

These days soda is not high on my list of beverages. While I do have a trio of new Mountain Dew flavors in my fridge for tasting and voting purposes, I drink more water now than anything.

But if I do have a soda it's probably going to be a root beer. There's just something special about chasing down a burger or dog with a cold, frosty mug filled with the stuff. Apparently, the NY Times agrees as the gray lady decided to take a look at 25 root beers and rate them.

Thanks to Chris for the tip.


Aj said...

Have to agree on the Sprecher. Also, Goose Island, a small Chicago microbrewer makes an excellent root beer. And, root beer is the only soda I will drink in non-diet variety. Goose Island uses sugar, not HFCS, and you can really tell.

John said...

I drink way too much soda today, with a pantry full of Pepsi One. Regrettable, I know. I do like root beer but I prefer birch. I always grew up with birch beer in the house. But even that comes in a diet version - the Pennsylvania Dutch brand, I mean.

Fidge Dextro said...

Like you, I was a soda junkie as a kid. I even liked Fresca and the cheapest of store-brand grape. Cream soda was about the only flavor I couldn't handle, not including any of the abominable diet concoctions. Today, I'm strictly a water or unsweetened iced tea man. But, also like you, if I do drink soda, it's root beer. It has more of a complex flavor than your average cola or lemon/lime mix. I prefer IBC in a bottle (does it come any other way?) but can easily drink any of the mainstream brands like Hires, A&W or Barq's. Still, I wish a good quality birch beer was more readily available. The best soda I've ever had was a long-forgotten brand served to me at King's Dominion, a theme park located in Virginia. I'll never forget that cup of rich, red, aromatic, foamy goodness served over cracked ice. I've never had anything that compares to it since and I wonder if KD still serves the stuff in its original recipe. Let me end this with a Groucho Marx quote from the Marx Brothers' first film, THE COCONUTS. Groucho is trying to auction off a worthless piece of property during the 20's Florida land boom: "Now then, we'll take lot number twenty -- lot number twentah -- right at the corner of DeSoto Avenue. Of course, you all know who DeSoto was. He discovered a body of water. You've all heard of the water that they named after him, De Soda Water?"