Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grilled BBQ Pork Chops

Last week I made one of our favorite pork chop dishes in which the pan fried chops are topped with a country gravy made with milk and the flour and herbs used to season the chops. It's a great dish, but paired with mashed potatoes and some grilled local Polish sausage, well, it's maybe a little heavy for the warm, muggy summer months here in the Baltimore area.

Actually, that dinner would probably have been just right for last night's cooler, almost fall-like temps. But I decided on a different route and wanted to grill the chops that I'd recently purchased at Costco.

I don't know if anybody else shops for their chops or other meat at places like Costco, but I have to say I'm pretty happy with what I find. We bought about $20 worth of chops the other day, boneless cuts that were probably a good 2" thick. I cut them in half and froze them, leaving us with enough boneless chops for seven or eight dinners, in addition to last night.

Speaking of which, I went searching for a new pork chop recipe last night and found this nice combination of a slightly spicy, somewhat smoky rub (I used an ancho chili powder) and barbecue sauce. Rather than make my own sauce I used reliable old Head Country Hickory Barbecue Sauce to finish off the chops during the last couple minutes. I selected some nicely marbled chops from the package and they ended up being perfect for the grill.


Anonymous said...

I find most of the meats at costco far superior to grocery store cuts. I love their port chops. Very thick-nice.

Dan said...

Totally agree. Headed there today to grab some pork shoulder (I'm having a hankering for pulled pork).