Friday, June 13, 2008

The Hungover Gourmet Talks About Zack's Hot Dogs

All this talk about hot dogs reminded me of something. About a year ago The Hungover Gourmet was approached about doing a pitch for a TV show. The timing couldn't have been worse as Ryan was a few weeks away from being born, but what the hell. They asked me to put together a quick video of me reviewing something so I picked hot dogs from Zack's, a local chain I'd previously written about. I dug out the resulting video this morning and threw it on YouTube. Nothing came of the pitch but you never know when we might start doing more videos for the web.


theminx said...

Fantastic job! Hey - have you ever contemplated being The Next Food Network Star? (I promise I won't pick on you in my recaps if you decide to go for it next season. ;))

Scott Lichterman said...

When you become a big TV star, remember the little guys like me!

I knew you when.

Dan said...

LOL... unfortunately I can't apply for the Food Network show due to a technicality. Ah well.

Don't worry Scott, I'll always have time for the little people! ;-)