Saturday, July 26, 2008

FOOD COURT: Tomatoes Cleared, Jalapenos Now Prime Suspect

That pesky salmonella outbreak that has plagued US health officials now has a new villain – jalapeno peppers of Mexican origin. The discovery of the strain on a Mexican-grown jalapeno in a Texas produce warehouse led FDA officials to urge consumers to avoid eating raw jalapenos in dishes such as fresh salsa.

The move appears to clear the tomatoes that were earlier labeled as the culprits, but angered Mexican officials who protested that the warehouse itself could be the culprit and lamented that the tomato industry is still recovering from the original belief that tomatoes were to blame for the outbreak that sickened nearly 1300 people.

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fdextro said...

I made fresh salsa the other day and no one reacted as if they ate The Stuff. (Obscure Larry Cohen reference.) 1300 sick people doesn't get my paranoia going. I'm turning 45 years old this Friday and have never gotten sick from food (without alcohol or flu influence). I'm willing to play Russian Roulette with a food that packs billions of cartridges: the lottery of botulism. By the way, as I continue to honor the memory of George Carlin, check out this link for a great routine about food:


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