Friday, July 04, 2008

Hot Dogs and Tennis

My wife just walked by my office and asked me if I was "still pouting."

The answer? A petulant "yes".

You'd be pouting too if you got up at 5 AM on your day off so you could wrap up a client project and then make your favorite breakfast of hot dogs and scrambled eggs to enjoy during the Roger Federer/Marat Safin men's semi at Wimbledon.

Unfortunately, the match – happening now – is embargoed by NBC so ESPN can't show it. Now I have to wait until noon and watch it while I have my lunch (whose menu is totally up in the air because I have very little in the fridge and I'm assuming nothing is going to be open because of the holiday).

Speaking of hot dogs, don't forget the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at noon on ESPN. Billed as 'The Rematch II: This Time It's Personal', the event has been cut back to ten minutes (it's been 12 in the past) and marks the return of super-eater Kobayashi who has been away from the competitive eating scene while he recovered from a jaw injury.

In other words, this is the gluttonous equivalent of Tiger Woods' first event back after his recent knee surgery and leg fractures. But with hot dogs.

Be sure to check out MegaMunch for followups and reportage on the monumental event and I'm going to try and live blog the showdown if at all possible.

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