Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Sobering Look at the State of Guinness

As I've mentioned here before, I'm an equal opportunity beer drinker. Some days I find myself longing for the crisp, almost watery taste of a good ol' Natty Boh while yesterday's stop at the liquor store netted a six pack of Hop Hazard IPA from River Horse Brewery near my old Delaware Valley stomping grounds.

But when the temps turn cooler or I'm out for lunch at an Irish pub with WP Tandy, nothing soothes my soul like a nice pint of Guinness. Apparently, such thinking makes me an "old fellow" according to this article about the sad state of Guinness in the Emerald Isle.

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WP Tandy said...

"Years ago, everybody drank Guinness," said David Donnelly, a 36-year-old Dubliner. "But young people don't drink Guinness. If I was going for a few drinks with me mates, we just drink Budweiser. Guinness is more of an old fellow's drink."


I'm reminded of a buddy's one-time fiancee, a native Dubliner, whom he had met when she worked on Long Beach Island (NJ) near his home. She refused to drink Guinness stateside, citing its inferior taste to what she was accustomed to drinking back home - an argument which might have held water, but for the fact that in its stead she more often than not drank shit like Bud or Coors. However "bad" they might think of the export version of Guinness....well, it can't be Coors bad.