Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tired of Same Old Shrimp Salad? Try This New Spin on an Old Fave.

I'm susceptible to food ruts. I admit it but at least I'm self-aware. In an effort to get out of my tendency to rework the classics, so to speak, I've been trying to work some new recipes into the mix.

Such was the case the other night when I made this Summer Shrimp Salad Sandwich for dinner. I cut back on the amounts used since I was just making it for the two of us, but I still picked up a full pound of shrimp and steamed about half of them in Old Bay, water and white vinegar so we could have some peel 'n' eat on the side.

RECESSION GOURMET STATS: Dinner for two for about $15.00
Shrimp: $7.34, Bread: $3.29, Arugala: $2.00 (only used about half... I'll have the rest for lunch today), Chorizo was in the pantry but I don't recall what I paid for it. Garlic, oil, vinegar, mustard, chips on the side and seasonings from the pantry.

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