Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Means Tuna Mac Salad

When I think about summer from my childhood one of the dishes that immediately comes to mind is tuna-macaroni salad and I've totally been having a hankering.

My mom's was pretty straightforward... elbow macaroni, tuna, celery, onion, mayo, salt and pepper. She would make a big vat of it and we'd have it as a side with everything from fried chicken and hamburgers to fish sticks. But the best was coming in from a late night out and finding some still in the fridge. Many was the night I sat in the dark at our kitchen table eating away.

Nice to see I'm not alone in my love of this simple but homey dish. SlashFood has an article about it and while green onions would never fly in Mama T's recipe, I'm glad to see they kept it simple.

I actually had Chris pick up some celery at the grocery store the other day so I could make a batch for the weekend. But I told her she could supervise the "Mayo Distribution" since I'm frequently accused (and totally guilty) of putting in way too much.

What's your favorite tuna-mac recipe and/or memory?


KTS said...

Mmm! Mom's MacaTuna (as we call it)! Best after it's had time to sit and meld all the flavors. 2 ingredients I think you missed -- hard boiled eggs and a bit of sugar. Too much mayo -- I never heard of such a concept.

Dan said...

I could have sworn there was hard boiled egg in there too but I was asking Mom about it last week and she didn't mention that or the sugar. Definitely at its best after a day or so in the fridge...