Friday, January 30, 2009

TOP CHEF Tom on Super Bowl Pregame

Call it synergy. Call it corporate shilling. Call it whatever you like, but during the Super Bowl pregame TOP CHEF judge Tom Collichio will join Tiki Barber and Jerome Bettis in judging a "Cook-Off" between previous TOP CHEF contestants exploring the cuisines of Arizona and Pittsburgh. (Other news sources have reported it as a cook off between Barber and Bettis but I think the other scenario is more likely.)

I could sit here and make smart-ass remarks about the cuisine of Pittsburgh involving pierogies and overrated sandwiches with fries on them consumed by people pouring out of bars at 2 AM, but I'm better than that.

I can't get a handle on when exactly this segment will air, considering that NBC has announced a day-long orgy of pre-game coverage including an exclusive interview with President Obama, a snarky smugfest between Keith Olberman and Dan Patrick, Bob Costas interviewing Bruce Springsteen and more.

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